Hey guys, sorry its been a while since I last updated you all.

First of all, we have finally finished working on Mercy and the Wild Sea. It's a crazy rock and roll, science fiction stage show, with a live band, on set performances and a 50+ minute film by yours truly. The show makes its premier at the Edinburgh festival on August 6th. For more info go here.

Screen shot taken from the Mercy and the Wild Sea film.

Screen shot taken from the Mercy and the Wild Sea film.

Next up is our latest video for the Paper Buoys new single 'Sharp as Razors'. While it took little under 4 hours to shoot the live action reference it took over 6 weeks ( and then some ) to animate and composite the video. It's a great track, and they were a please to work with.

You can check out more of the Paper Buoys over at their website or Facebook . Sharp as Razors is out August 19th.

In other news we are currently in the pre production stages of our next two music videos, with the first hopefully being released mid August. It's going to be a real change of pace for us, and be in a medium i've been itching to work in for years -  Claymation!

In late September we will finally be starting production on Superzeroes. Not only do we have a brand new DP on board, myself and Liam have also been reworking the scripts; making them tighter, funnier and even more action pact. I can't wait to get crack on this, as it has been a long tome coming.

Take it easy,