Betterfeelingfilms is a Midlands Based collective headed by two friends Oliver Jones (Director, Animator) and Liam Delaney (Writer) who back in 2004 thought they could make movies. Ten years later they are still at it.

We frequently Collaborate with these talented people :

Rob Laity - Acting, Producing, Directing & Music

Paul Nadin - Acting & Writing (check out his Gaming Channel )

Natalie Gardner - Acting

Richard Howell - Acting & Behind the Scenes

Mark Breeze - Acting

Jamie Long - Acting, Directing & Writing

Giles Whorton - Acting

Chris Kenyon - Acting

Hugh Blackwood - Acting

Brandon Kahn - Director, Editor, Producer, Compositor (check out his web series - Streets of Myth)

Dan Hunt - Director of Photography & Camera (check out his website)

James Watson - Music and Sound

Julia Hyland - Make up (Check out her Website)

James Raynor - Music, Acting, Second Unit (Check out his Production company - Untamed Aggression)